Michaela Holbova

Visiting scientist,
Centre for Applied Conservation Research, University of British Columbia

PhD student– Applied Zoology and Game Management (Technical University of Zvolen, Slovakia)

MSc, Forestry (Technical University of Zvolen, Slovakia)

Email: myshaela@hotmail.com

I am a PhD student of population genetics and applied zoology at the Technical University in Zvolen, Slovakia. The topic of my research is genetic inventarizacion of the Slovak population of brown bear (Ursus arctos), as well as forensis genetic and specific identification of individuals.

I mainly work with non-invasive samples like one of possibilities for the study of population biology, population size, behavior, migration and breeding system of wildlife. The field of my diploma work was population genetics of the brown bear in Slovakia.

My primary research interest at UBC is differentiation of garter snakes (Thamnophis ordinoides) from 5 island populations that vary by orders of magnitude in size but are similarly isolated overall. Snake populations on these islands also vary greatly phenotypically.

I am at UBC to get more experiences, to improve in data analysis and to develop possibilities of implementation of gathered knowledges on my dataset of Brown bear from Slovakia as well as to take the opportunity to learn from the excellent scientist.