Joe Bennett

Joseph Bennett, PhD

Environmental Decisions Group, University of Queensland
BScH, Environmental Studies (Queen’s University)
MSc, Biology (Queen’s University)
PhD, Forestry (UBC)

Mail:  School of Biological Sciences, University of Queensland, Brisbane 4072 Australia

Email: j.bennett5 <at>

I am a recent Arcese Lab alumnus, having finished my PhD in March 2012.  I have since moved on to a postdoc position with the Environmental Decisions Group at the University of Queensland (, but I maintain close ties with the Arcese Lab.

My PhD work was conducted in the Garry Oak Ecosystem, which is a network of meadow patches whose location in Canada is limited to the southeastern tip of Vancouver Island and adjacent islands.  This ecosystem is widely recognized for both its beauty and its conservation significance.  More information on specific conservation efforts can be found here.

In addition to my current research, I’ve conducted environmental and conservation studies in a variety of fields, in locations ranging from the Canadian Arctic to South Africa and Laos.

Here are some links to my publications and current research activities:

Main website

Researchgate Profile

Google Scholar Profile