One of the 22 land conservation cooperatives (LCCs) developed by U.S. Department of the Interior, the North Pacific Landscape Conservation Cooperative partnership facilitates collaboration between governmental agencies, First Nations/Tribes, universities, and NGOs to address broad-scale, transboundary conservation issues (see network and committee diagram). The partnership encourages partners and stakeholders to make informed, efficient conservation decisions by providing information collected by other partners within or across border.It also emphasizes climate change as an important factor to producing conservation strategies on a broad landscape.


NPLCC’s Conservation Planning Atlas is an effort to promote transboundary data integration and synthesis. It is powered by the online mapping and data analysis platform DataBasin, and nests useful surveys and analyses collected by scientists, researchers, conservation managers and NGOs. On DataBasin, mapping layers that represent the information can be further overlaid and used separately or collectively to create new datasets and maps.


On NPLCC’s projects, partners and DataBasin:
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